Search Engine Optimization for the Lazy (i.e. me)

I am the world’s laziest person – so if given the option – I’ll always take the easiest way.  Creating SEO for a webpage is no exception.  I’m also cheap – so when someone offers to optimize my pages for me for a mere $1K+…I gringe.  

Important things to keep in mind with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  1. Keep your content up -old, unaltered pages won’t come up in the search
  2. Keep your content relevant – interesting relevant pages come up more in search – old, stale pages can stay that way
  3. Research your keywords – here is where the lazy comes in.   Ok – I do read the page and pull out an appropriate sentence for the title but keywords are always hard – especially when your whole webpage is basically about one thing. i.e. – I used to design a page for a meat packing plant (don’t ask), it was hard to come up with interesting and unique keywords for hamburger or bacon.  This is where I would turn to this tool –  It gives you a suggestion – based on your webpage, as to what keywords might pull interest and what your competitors are up to.
  4. As I said before – give good title
  5. Make sure you provide a robots.txt file.  If you don’t know what one is – here’s a quick (it’s not easy ready) tutorial –  read up on it.
  6. Clean code is readable, searchable code – keep it clean.
  7.  Don’t flash or splash your first page (more on this annoying little habit later)
  8. Tricks don’t pay off – don’t use false ways to get more traffic, i.e false links, little hidden words, duplicate pages will get you dinged
  9. Be patience – while it is an automated project – just think how many pages are out there.
  10. Include your webpage in all of your correspondence, i.e. any printed brochure, your business cards, your signature on your email – everything to drive traffic.
  11. Realize – that in the legal business – driving people to the SLDO website probably isn’t going to increase membership – it’s just going to make it easier for your members to find the site to use.

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