Test Anxiety

I can’t stress testing your website before launching enough…test, test and then test again.  I learned this ugly lesson first hand when I launched a company website before I had the testing department look at it.  Opps – it had broken links and misspelling and I looked like a fool – so test the site several ways before launching.

First – test it in several different popular browsers – it can be done in one shot at browsershots.org.  A quick run through will show how your website looks to your users depending on their browser.

Second – Have at least 5 different people do a set number of tasks, and while sitting on your hands and taping your mouth so you don’t interfere or give them hints – watch how they accomplish these tasks in your site and whether or not your navigation is clear or even apparent.

If you were feeling really frisky – send your website through a validator and it will check to see if your html or other markup language fits current standards – it’s an eye opener.  You may think it’s pretty but validators often find errors that need to be fixed so that it doesn’t hang up people when they are trying to download the site.


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