Resources for the Uninspired or Busy Web Designer

When I started to learn web design back in the dark ages of the interweb – in 1995 – we had to do it all via the lovely program of Notepad and I had to learn HTML by hand, which is frankly – a very good way to learn to code things.  I also try to explain to my children (who are teenagers) that I learned to code BASIC on a computer the size of our fridge at a terminal with my coat on because the room was kept cold so the computer wouldn’t overheat – yep – I’m the same age as the dinosaurs and cave people.  Then came lovely WYSIWYG programs that did the HTML for you – it was pretty much just a word processing program – but you still should have known your code because you often had to write a lot of the back end stuff yourself and now……now – you can either pay a designer or get a CMS system – depending on your preference.  

I, in my very humble opinion as a current freelance web designer will recommend a CMS system for novices who want to have control over being able to edit the content on the fly.  My SLDO contracts with our host for a CMS system – and it has its benefits and detriments.


  • So easy,  it’s even hard for me to mess it up
  • I can manage it any where at any time – I just log in and edit away
  • The look and feel of the site is guaranteed to be the same no matter how many pages I add


  • It’s not Mac friendly – and since we’re a Mac office – I can sometimes screw up the code and have to back to a PC to fix it.
  • I can’t access the source code – so I can’t change the keywords or title of the page for SEO purposes
  • Someone else writes the CSS code – so if I want to play with the look and feel of fonts or navigation – it’s a process

If I was going to build a SLDO site from scratch – I would approach it different – in fact – I would use a system like WordPress here.  Find a host, download the software and then launch.  It has been recommended by other web designers for other clients.  For more information, click on  

There are tons of places around the web that give tutorials or templates – here are some that I’ve run across in my research

What has been most helpful in my search for this type of solution is talking to other women techies & developers – they don’t mind dumb questions.  If you get into this – do a search on Digital Eve in your area – it’s a great listserve for this type of support.


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