The Land of the Pod

Believe it or not – I heard a rumour that the Ipod was named after 2001 A Space Odyessy for the pod doors…ok – podcasting can be a little out there for the novice.  It started for us when I was thinking of how to get more CLE out to the hinterlands at an inexpensive rate.  I looked around at various webcasting ideas – and was almost sold on Skype, but didn’t want to have to force my members into a system that I chose.  I basically lucked into podcasting and again – emphasizing the lazy part of me – I wanted something cheap and easy.  It was when I discovered the notebook function of my new Word for Mac could record a conversation and then export it so that I could then import it into Itunes – I was sold.  BUT – we’ve run into a little problem.  The brown bags we record (thank goodness we aren’t recording a whole day’s program) are HUGE!  Too huge to email to some members whose servers bounce things that big. So we’re now exploring a hosting location to direct members to download the various offerings.  There is some tech support with this as well…oh well – it must be my fate.


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One Response to “The Land of the Pod”

  1. fatima Says:

    I like your analysis and mannner of speaking, thank you for this interesting ticcket, it s always nice to visit this beautiful blog 🙂

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