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Social Networking is Worldwide

June 9, 2009

An interesting tidbit came into my inbox this morning – someone posted a link that shows the reach of online social networking worldwide.   I like to think of myself as a world citizen – despite some news networks that find that term objectionable – and am thrilled that the world is in fact, becoming smaller daily.  

I grew up as a military kid and lived most of my young life in Europe and miss it daily.  Social networking allows me to have a small glimpse into the countries and friends I left behind.  For example, one of the local pubs that I used to sneak out to hang out in is online – I joined that group and have fond discussions of the food and local flavor with other scofflaws. 

Thus creating a online social networking presence not only exposes my organization to local and statewide members, but to potential members and fans worldwide – not a bad investment for a few minutes of updating time a day.