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Tail Wagging the Dog – Part Two…Getting even more fancy

March 8, 2009

As I started to write out my talk – I started to get excited about some other options that we are working on for our own site which might be good ideas for other SLDOs…

IPhone Design – With more of our members addicted to their Iphones, Blackberries and Treos, we need to adapt our webpage to their needs.  This is still in the early production stage, but I\’m hopefully that by this summer – we will have a decent facsimile to roll out.  One easy option that I just found out about is Intersquash but your website needs an RSS feed.

RSS Feed – RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. If you have a my yahoo page that has various items on it that you customized – you have already participated in an RSS feed. Basically it\’s a code written into a webpage or blog that lets the aggregator know when you have updated it and pushes it forward to those who have subscribed to those updates. If you have ever seen this image on a page  – it means this page has RSS available. I can see that having our calendar of events and the newsletter be an RSS compatible.

Content Aggregator – We have done this already – Top Network – our web guru, set up a news feed for all of the legal news aggregators which then sits on our site.  If a member wanted the latest legal news – that member would direct their homepage to be the WDTL news site – good marketing, if I can brag for a minute.

Wikis If you have ever visited Wikipedia (I think my children get all of their school information here – oh brother), you have visited a wiki.  Basically a wiki is a multi-contibutor webpage or blog.   A wiki is more collaborative than most blogs and can have a lot of contributors.  I’ve been a little slow to adapt this to our website because I’m not quite sure I want a written piece of information that is discoverable out there by the other side.  So this is in the works but for what application – I’m not quite sure yet.  I want our members to be more collaborative and more interactive, but I also don’t want to have to produce it in a legal situation.  It probably wouldn’t be covered under attorney/client privilege.